About Us

About Us

SKY PACIFIC ASIA Network – Locally, Globally


Message from our President, Stanley Lim

Airlines are always looking for a global presence, that help to reduce the cost and increase the revenue, that the reason why we create SP Aviation Network, where the carrier find professionals talking the same language.

Through innovation and utilizing our extensive experience in the field of aviation/airlines, the SP Aviation Network has expanded to become a key ASIA player in the airline distribution environment, offering outsourced services such as passenger & cargo sales and marketing, reservations, finance and fare filing together with innovative tools aimed at maximizing revenue opportunities.

Born as ASIA Network specialist is now expanding worldwide with several affiliation of professional GSA around the world. Our partners benefit from a complete range of services catering to all of their business requirements and our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that our success is our partners’ success. SP Aviation Network is committed to providing its partners with a product and service that is consistently excellent, professional, innovative and customer-driven in order to ensure their successful entry into and continued growth in global markets.

  • We are the best in every market, with our offices in every country offering experienced management teams and extensive relationships with their local markets, that why our slogan is “Locally, Globally”
  • We maintain a close relationship with IATA and ICAO

SP Aviation Network headquartered in Singapore with a central Commercial Team and a Board, headed by the President and which includes one Vice President per major world geographical area plus one Executive Product Director per product.

Our GOALS are simple but very effective;
  • Airline Focused, on Distribution, Sales and Financial Services, Cargo and Passenger
  • Targeted at improving our partners’ global revenue
  • Operate on a Variable Cost.
  • Offer transparency and consistent international standards
  • Work Locally but playing Globally