SP Aviation offers exclusive VIP passenger service for corporate heads, celebrities and others who want to enjoy their trips comfortably. Whether you’re arriving or departing, via charter or commercial flights, the VIP Service of SP Aviation offers utmost personal care in a pleasant atmosphere, as well as outstanding flexibility, security and time savings. Luxury limousines will take care all your transfers then we will do all formalities while you are having a pleasure time at VIP lounge.

As Agent of Limitless Aviation Corp. we have the availability of two Gulfstream IV (G4) based in Vietnam, CAN THO Airport/ Vietnam, ready H24 for VIP flights on worldwide bases

Manufacturer   GULFSTREAM

Model  IV

Cockpit crew   Two

Cruising speed Mach 0.80–Mach 0.85 (459–488 kn; 850–903 km/h)

Maximum Speed Mach 0.88 (505 kn; 935 km/h)

Range 4,220 nmi (7,815 km)

Engines (×2) Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8C

Thrust 13,850lbf / 61.6kN

Capacity   10 VIP seats